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Let Us Tell You Our Story

Our Development Process

Before we built our saunas we tried, tested, and heavily researched all the leading saunas on the market, and the results we found were frightening. Most saunas do not offer all of the benefits and features needed. A sauna should be a relaxing, care-free getaway.

Unfortunately, most saunas fail to meet this basic threshold. Even worse, some of the saunas we tested cause more harm than good. We looked up each sauna's EMF ratings, and found that some of them had much higher emissions than they were rated for, which is deceptive.

If a company would lie about that, what else aren't they telling you? Because saunas are so popular, most saunas are made just to cash in on the sauna craze. They are poorly made with shoddy materials and provide practically no upgraded features.

Making money is important for any company, but this is not a priority for us when we’re creating our sauna. The most important thing is helping the thousands of people that buy our saunas every year.

We accept nothing less than perfection so we are in control of the product from start to finish; we don't allow any middlemen to compromise our vision. You can purchase our saunas directly from us with confidence, knowing that you're getting an unmatched product.

Many of our competitors offer saunas that are poorly made or that are missing key heating features. MB International Saunas are made with top notch materials, our manufacturing practices are industrial grade, and our facilities are world class.


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